Research fields in 2016

Intelligent parking mobile solution is a unique IoT package for customizable implementation of Web and Mobile apps to provide real-time occupancy status and navigation features to the users for effectively utilizing iParkMobi enabled parking area leveraging the precise and high endurance custom made device to capture real-time occupancy data.

Being one of the most flexible, modular and cost effective solution for parking occupancy management, iParkMobi is ideal for corporate, shopping malls, smart city authorities and public parking providers for hassle-free and profitable functioning.

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The youth are our best solution

We have a highly skilled professional team to meet the new challenges in the industry. We are currently a team of 27 professionals, who have diversified expertise in new age software development methodologies, enhanced technologies and market analysis.

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Research fields in 2015

Montacts is a multi-platform social media contacts consolidation, communication and geo-locator application. The apps enable the users to authenticate their social media profiles and accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN and Skype. They will be able to consolidate over the contact list of their authenticated social media contacts and the phonebook to create single complete profiles for each of the entities in their phonebook. The app gives the feature to invite other users from contact list and get connected with friends in Montacts. The profiles of friends or Montacts will be in auto update mode to automatically reflect any changes in contact information such as mobile number, address, email, profile picture etc. to all of the authenticated friends. The app has communication facilities using free and paid services, across the contact list, which includes Facebook chat, Google chat, Yahoo! chat, Skype chat with video and voice support, SIP and other VoIP chat with video and voice support. The app has a ‘Friends on a map’ facility to view real-time locations of authenticated friends with an ‘alias’ name support. The app has a ‘Share’ facility which enables the users to post, view and comment text and multimedia to multi social media profiles from a single platform. It also has facility to share within the app accessible to public Montacts users or authenticated friends. The app comes with a ‘Montacts Apps’ facility which is a paid service to corporate enabling them to customize the app for managing their employee, clientele, vendor etc. contacts using Montacts facilities with an internal chat and reporting facility.

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