General description

White Oval Technologies provides a range of products which mainly serves small and medium firms to enhance their business activities. These customizable products give our clients the flexibility to mould them to perfectly suit their requirements thus minimizing the cost of implementation. Our products are developed with strong backing up of market analysis reports and end-user usability analysis reports over the past six years. Our systematic development approach and the technologies used for the development makes these products to deliver unmatched scalability, consistency and security. Our featured products include Academic Automation System for educational institutions, Business Automation products for corporate companies, Hospital Automation Systems for medical institutions and Sales Automation System for marketing and sales companies.

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Intelligent parking mobile solution is a unique IoT package for customizable implementation of Web and Mobile apps to provide real-time occupancy status and navigation features to the users for effectively utilizing iParkMobi enabled parking area leveraging the precise and high endurance custom made device to capture real-time occupancy data.

Being one of the most flexible, modular and cost effective solution for parking occupancy management, iParkMobi is ideal for corporate, shopping malls, smart city authorities and public parking providers for hassle-free and profitable functioning.

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